A room and a few tables are all you need.
    Can be adapted anywhere in the world.


    For any group size. From 20 to 1,000 participants. All playing at the same time!


    A game focused on new technologies.

  • val1

  • Digital Escape Game

    The participants will discover a mysterious connected briefcase.
    Using a tablet, they will have to open a series of mysterious boxes as they take part in a digital and group adventure that they will remember for a very long time.
    Our digital superheroes will assist them throughout this colourful adventure!

A superhero-focused escape game

During this highly-digital investigation, a number of superheroes will be around to help you!
Let’s meet them now.

  • tchatwoman

  • Tchatwoman

    The group’s chatterbox. She knows social networks like the back of her hand.
    Although her favourite network is Facebook, she also loves Twitter, Instagram as well as all other social networking services, whether these cater for professionals or the young!

  • dataman

  • Dataman

    Big Data is his passion. He loves numbers and databases, as these can prove really useful to society and businesses. Fidelity cards and CRM are tools he uses on a daily basis!

  • technoman

  • Technoman

    Connected objects hold no secrets for him, whether they be padlocks, drones or bluetooth keys! He knows how to use, mend and even hack them! He is the group’s geekiest member and he loves to share his discoveries with others.

  • webwoman

  • Webwoman

    She can spend hours trawling through the web to discover its mysteries. Search engines, Google Map, Wikipedia…: she navigates the mazes of the Internet as she looks for relevant information in order to successfully complete her mission! She is the most accessible superhero.


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